Dactylonomy Impression

Mainstream media revelled and shrieked in equal measure about a young podcaster with supposedly around sixty thousand downloads an episode nabbing an interview with the former British PM pictured above.

Whether you're a fan or not - and strangely even those from his curve of the horseshoe appear to have disowned his 'legacy' - what is not for dispute is that he was the first prime minister to have undergone extensive public speaking tutelage.

The above features at the start of a widely shared three minute clip. Ostensibly attempting to compare what the founding dictator of Singapore did for the island state with how today's nations could 'change'. Sadly answered from solely an economic viewpoint.

He begins by stating there were three vital pillars put in place up front. All contentious he suggests, yet with far-reaching results.

When prefacing his answer, as seen above, he prominently holds up three fingers.

He keeps them raised like that. For a good ten seconds. Before curling in two with just the index finger protruding as he begins on point number one.

It is a subtle yet powerful gesture tip.

Reminiscent of us being advised to repeat our main message throughout any pitch. To the point we feel we may have overdone it. Yet repeat some more.

On-screen, such gesture benefits from being held that little bit, consciously longer than you'd do so if in the same room as your audience.

When in-vision, there's also one way in which I glean I've a connection.

I tend to do the same three-point fingers, but will usually position them into the screen space around my head with hand pushed closer to the webcam. Even swivel and twist my hand around a bit.

Everyone remembers I'd three points. Which is progress.

Some later even ape the movement themselves. With a smile.

We're then on the same page.

Three is an optimal number for this.

You can also combine it together with using the lower third of your screen space.

Think of being in front of mirror. Rather than left-to-right of writing, fill the bottom-right with a motion for '1st'. Move to bottom-centre for '2nd'. Finishing with bottom-left for '3rd'.

Now they'll recall you had three killer points.

Next step? Making sure they can then recite, take on board and act upon what they were...

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