Daley Thompson Credo

Olympic fever grips my homeland.

Here’s a former Gold winner briefly reveal how he thinks. Decathlete Daley Thompson.

If you work hard in real life, people tend to get in your way – either from inertia or prejudice – and they stop you achieving things. It’s the worst thing about real life compared with sports, where you generally get what you deserve: if you’re the fastest guy, you win; there are no other games being played.

Isn’t it amazing how some super successful people cannot pinpoint why they are so?

Surely Daley was not the “fastest”. That was German rival Hingsen, right? Yet Daley was the best competitor. Anyway, leaving aside his conclusion’s contradiction…

His politics point will chime with many a solution seller.

Inertia. Prejudice.

See any of those derailing your latest deal?

The awkward prospect’s tried and trusted ‘self-interest’ horse needs to be ridden home then…

And as a bonus, here’s a key assertion.

The ‘fastest’ product rarely wins in real life selling either….

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