Deliver Business Case With Conviction

I’ve always enjoyed attending my customer’s workshops that are run by a respected person from elsewhere in their organisation.  This is because they have instant and greater gravitas with the reps than an external trainer would, and such reverence allows them to push the reps further.  Sessions like the one referred to here, tend to be about introducing a new way of selling, or evolving how they approach selling a particular offering. 

In this case, the firm were concerned that prospects were potentially not engaging with business cases, as over the past decade, they’d most probably bought into several, none of which delivered on its promises.  The idea of this forum was to deliver a business case that carries conviction.  What I liked about the results, was that the team themselves created their structure of what was essential to have on the front page of every proposal.  Here it is:

I/We believe that (….the prospect)
should be able to (….describe pain addressed or area improved/of gain)*
by (….%, $)*
through the ability to (….describe primary benefit)
as a result of (….our primary benefit/capability/offering)
for an investment of (….$)
signed (….x)

(where * indicates 2 hard areas of focus)

Pretty good, isn’t it.

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