The Straight Bat

Back in London, I met up with a pal for a couple of cheekies down the juicer.  As can often be the case, we got to talking about former girlfriends.  My mate recounted a tale from some years ago that gave me a neat sales insight.

He was out one day with his lady-squeeze.  He then received a text from another female companion of his from out of town.  It said she was currently in town; “id really like 2 c u”.

Much sweating and heart palpatations later, my friend couldn’t think of how to respond, but knew he was under pressure to do so quickly.  So many thoughts flew round his head.  Not least how he’d avoid the two girls suspecting anything at all.

So he chose a holding response, along the lines of ‘I’d really like to see you too’.  To his relief, and amazement, the reply (instant of course, as girls are amazingly better than boys at knowing what to text) was appreciative yet explained a circumstance that suggested meeting up wasn’t appropriate at that precise time.

He’d got away with it.

The message was that when a prospect throws you off course, a simple, ‘straight bat’ response like this one can uncover a real and invaluable issue underneath it.

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