Details Portray Care

I chuckled the other day, after work in a cafe unable to avoid hearing rantspam by a local. He was moaning about a company he’d thought of working for. The job it seemed, was as a commission-only financial advisor.

He rocked up to their premises. It was a prestigious address, a property apparently worth ‘many millions’.

Next door was an equally renowned household name. What did you see when you first visited the neighbours? A wonderful gleaming water-feature. What greeted you at the door of the prospective employer?


As the job-hunter put it,

if you don’t care enough about the weeds outside your front door then how much will you look after your staff?

In his opinion, workers would suffer the same shoddy treatment as the entrance.

And he probably has a point.

What are the giveaway tells that could portray (betray, even) your handling of customers? What does a prospect see when first dealing with you? Do they see weeds or a water feature?

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