Detangle Your Benefit Statement Like Hairbrush Inventor

The Tangle Teezer. I was blissfully unaware of this product. Until I heard a one-time hairdresser describe his rise.

For ten years he’d battled with how to untangle young ladies’ knotted hair in his salon. Gradually, his preferred method of combining comb and brush morphed into an idea for a single tool.

He went with his invention to telly funders. And got rejected.

Yet soon after he was selling them as fast as his English plant could make them. All over the world.

What struck me though, was founder Shaun Pulfrey’s benefit statement. He happily requoted an American woman;

it looks like a ten cent product but I see it gives a $20 benefit

Now. I trust none of our solution sale products look ‘cheap’. Yet I wonder how much value our clients reckon it is worth…over and above their initial purchase price?

This brush may well be a twenty dollar item, but in this case, it appears to give that much benefit back. So at the very least, are our wares paying for themselves each time they’re used?

And just as crucially, are you tracking who believes so and can say it out loud?

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