Do You Debrief Like Tinder Daters?

Apparently, when Tinder surveyed their users recently, 75 per cent told them they have a dating debrief with friends at least once a month.

Which led them to launch a new feature. Tinder Matchmaker lets someone looking to partner-up grant access for up to 15 people to give their verdict on potential matches.

This reminded me of many a selling encounter. One of which was when chatting to a freshly promoted Sales leader within global concern, in their new corner office.

"I now get to play with the toys in the box", he revealed with relish.

"And which of 'em get thrown out of it", I added with a chuckle.

Yet the point was a serious one. They now got to set tone and direction in a way not applicable before.

In our daily bid progressing, I've long found the tendency to be greater to swipe-right.

That is, to 'qualify in' wherever possible. Whereas the consistent winners, think first to 'qualify out'. A subtle yet fundamental distinction.

Some may argue that it is the role of marketing cousins to home in on that. But let's face it. Even in the largest of Enterprise Salesrooms, the person owning the quota ultimately must determine fit. Think ideal prospect profile, be prepared to swipe-left, and you'll re-tack your career course skywards.

Yet this thinking also applies with inputs.

How many sales leaders actively run a type of funnel for those with whom they may wish to work in the future?

Think of all those who may well help propel your ambitions from outside.

Subject matter experts, potential channel partners, equipment providers, software makers, even (perhaps) recruiters.

We already have the monthly formal style debrief when it comes to our future client matches. Maybe less so for those pre-funnel. Potentials for tipping into the hopper, suspects, about to enter the mouth.

Way rarer though, is attention given the other side. Who can we - do we want to - work with to help us get the best prospects. Those which deliver sustainable, repeatable, growing business.

Finally, returning to the face-value, here's a scenario. You've a forecast. You list out those latest deals you're officially tipping into your funnel. Before you set them into the wild as a bona fide opportunity hopefully heading spout-wards, ask your Funnel Matchmaker.

Have you a way for colleagues to offer a view? Giving their sanity check on appropriateness of what you're seeking to pair up with? I sense it may be as brutal as what appears the reported 'proper chat' of dating hopefuls' friends.

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