Do You Harness Business Transformation Questions Like Global Outsourcer?

I saw that huge outsourcerer Wipro sponsored the pre-Wimbledon warm-up at Queens last week.

I came across them a couple of years ago. It was via their apparent ‘green’ credentials. I noted that one corporate intro vid at the time was built around the following slides;

everything starts with a question

how do I innovate in a resource constraint world?

is my data intelligent enough to make decisions?

am I part of all my customers’ conversations?

I remember thinking that it was a departure from the norm for these kinds of things. Which would ordinarily be welcomed. Yet sadly today’s copywebbers seem to have gone back to the bad old days. (See their supposed CEO Priorities for yourself.)

Still, those four questions from three years ago – whilst hardly earth-shattering I grant you – I do feel are on the right lines.

Forgetting the first marketeery one, the other three sound like they could indeed be a clientside spark.

I reckon it’d be a decent exercise to have a go at a trio of questions that when/if a prospect asked themselves, you’d be in the frame to supply the winning solution.

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