Do You Share The Millionaire Secrets?

Americans.  Is it true that the only people that love them are themselves?  Despite their generally mystifying and atrocious self-help industry, I came across a promising ‘web channel’ called Big Ideas and a clip from Marci Shimoff.  Tangentially related to selling I admit, she quotes research to illuminate the 5 ways of thinking that separates millionaires from the proles.  Watch the 5 minute vid, as it expands wonderfully on the bullet-topics of

1) Dare to Be Happy

2) Don’t Believe Everything You Think

3) Use the Power Formula:  Intention / Attention / No Tension

4) Let Your Passion Lead—Have The Guts to Go With Your Gut

5) Don’t Catch the ‘NO’ Cold

I’m happy to say that I took a couple of juicy morsels from this short burst of energy.  Do we really have 60,000 thoughts a day?  And are 80% truly negative?  Are we really the ‘average’ of the five people we knock about with the most?  How did the creators of the now 100m selling motivational book series ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul‘ stay upbeat when only the 144th publisher approached finally agreed to run with their idea?

These are definitely stats worth trotting out to make a point next time someone piddles on your latest new idea 🙂

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