Does anyone use crm???

Another day, another prospect, another first meeting and yet another guy saying they’ll not bother again with crm.

This time it was with the MD (and notional head of sales) of a trendy commercial lighting operation.  Four years ago they came to the UK from Denmark with one salesrep.  Today they have twelve.  Quite impressive.

To begin with they deployed Act.  Taken from their Sage (erp) reseller, they soon ditched it. This appears mainly due to the inability to make it function on pdas, and the ridiculous expense of customising.

Then this fella, Andy, explained that all he was losing was potential contact histories when reps moved on.  And in reality, when you think about it, that’s not a fat lot of info anyway, as new reps tend to start with a clean slate.

Furthermore, Andy was quite happy in the end for his guys not to ‘comply’, as being “maverick with freedoms” helped make them more successful.

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