Immediately State Uniques

Nothing new to those into their marketing ideas and all things ‘usp’, getting across what is unique is critical in the very first few seconds you speak to someone according to Richard Farleigh, he of Dragons’ Den fame and “prolific investor” in UK small/start-up firms.

I mention this, as I was waiting in reception of a leading builders merchants yesterday and a spangly new mag caught my eye, aimed at home-based and small office managers.  In what judging by the website may well have been their only ever edition, Farleigh says the essential things to think about getting across immediately are:

“what is unique about my product – why it can’t be copied easily.  Why I’d be good at it.”

And then I realised that when prospects ask me what I do, I often ably describe using lots of benefit/value statements, yet…..  I must resolve to say at the outset “…and what is so unique about what we do is…..”

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