Does Your Pitch Thrive Better Than Ariana Huffington's?

So this Thrive app is on a launch promo push.

It seems to have grown out of the latest attempt to out-Gwyneth Goop, from the Huffington Post founder’s “lifestyle” effort of her own.

Here’s the key selling part.

On her natural Leftism home, CNN, she got chance to pitch [transcript here]. ‘So, this Thrive app’:

“basically shows all of us how we can protect ourselves from our growing addiction to our phones”

Not a bad start. Yet not a great one either.

As you may know, I loathe such flickworten as ‘basically‘.

And as for the problem definition, it might get a few heads nodding, but really who is going to admit to an ‘addiction’, whether it be “slightly” or “growing”?

Their own marketing blurb has better material to mine. The “unplug and recharge” strapline has merit. As does the “effective monitoring” it allows. You reclaim being the boss of your phone, not the other way ’round. It sounds like ‘Thrive mode’ restricts whatever activity you deem necessary for however long is required. And let’s anyone trying to but-in know so. All meant to affect “our ability to refuel, to recharge, to be creative, to be fully present in our lives”.

What is good is her brevity. Strip out the flannel, and there’s a short, sharp sentence to kick-off. Her further explanation of the hows is similarly succinct. On telly a drill-down is manufactured, yes, but you still sense this is close to how a real pitch may flow.

Not far off being textbook, I’m sure use in the field will refine for her. And those pesky marketeers will surely be willing to help;

Be in charge of your phone, so you can recharge. Let FOMO rather afflict others. Manage your phone to de-stress your incoming barrage. And as she writes herself, “connect more deeply with your work, with others in your life and with yourself”.

That kind of messaging.

…what’s your starting sentence response when someone asks the Richard Quest-style, “Why Thrive? What’s the purpose of this new app…?” for your newly released marvel?

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