Don't Copy HP Launch Selling Print

HP CLJ Pro MFP M476 intro presentation 4-3

Earlier this decade I happened across a piece of internal HP collateral. Their Sales Guide for a latest printer.

One of the global giant tech outfits. The money they splash on ‘marketing’ possibly not even available to a crony of one of the current 50 dictators suppressing their people around the globe. We might not expect solid gold bathroom fittings but surely we should hope for better than this.

One element of said Guide is a 15-slide infodoc. The only page which comes even close to providing anything useful in the field is pictured above. Its prime messaging is threadbare at best;


HP makes mobile printing as simple as touching the device


Simple and secure mobile printing with NFC Touch to Print and wireless direct

Easily print from any Mopria-certified smartphone or tablet without setup, software or apps

Streamline document workflows with access to business apps (Box, GoogleDocs) from the device

Reading the entire Guide, you struggle to find any line at all that properly lands on any wonderful new world a paying user will enjoy afresh.

Simpler Securer Setupier Easier Streamlinier

Not bad, but hardly pulse-racing in this form, are they?

If you recognise this mis-shot from your own glossies, first strip it down then put in words your clients use back to you.

Finally, I rail wildly against twenty-first century clipart. And contained within the Guide are a bunch of photos taken from inside a hospital. Although it doesn’t look much like any such infirmary I’ve encountered, home or abroad.

These eight pics feature smiling patients and beaming healthcare staff alike using all manner of HP gizmos. The one that shows a printer in situ is below. It’s a shocker. Please do not replicate this kind of drivel. Please rather say something.

hp rubbish printer-in-situ pic

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