Don't Dampen Your Prospect's Spirits

Barca noucamp

Barça taking a corner at their enormous Camp Nou home ground.

A wonderful experience. Yet one with a sour taste left in the mouth.

Before the game I was struck by the ease of getting into the stadium. In stark contrast to Cape Town’s Green Point I might add.

But this good first impression was soon eroded.

I queued at one of the stalls inside for a beer. But I then refused it.

You see, unbeknown to me, they only sold zero alcohol lager. I only saw by chance as I glimpsed a can.

This was not what I wanted, nor what I ordered.

A few crossed words later, I was off. No transaction made.

It was the same at Rio’s Maracana. Disgraceful.

At least at Melbourne’s MCG you can suffer 2% dishwater.

How can they think this is in any way a quality offering?

There should be no such thing as alcohol-free beer alone in such a mass market environment. It’s all or nothing.

Not even any explanatory signage.

It also exposes a chasm between expectations and delivery.

Are you offering something sub-standard that riles your prospects?

It might not even be in terms of actual product.

What about your Proposal? Your pricing email? Your leave-behinds?

Are they seriously up to scratch? Or alcohol-free?

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