Don't Dwell On Defeat

Scot Andy Murray seems a highly focused tennis player unencumbered by the demands of rolling news and celebrity tittle tattle editors.  After losing his Wimbledon semi to Roddick, it seems he was asked in his press conference (quarter of an hour after defeat) whether he’d be able to “move on”.  His response was a lesson in how any sales person faced with handling the loss of their year’s ‘whale of a deal’ should perhaps think.

“I’ll move on very, very quickly and go and work on my game and improve and come back stronger. That’s a pathetic attitude to have, if you lose one match and you go away and, you know, let it ruin your year.”

His point went on to detail that this was merely one event, he’d still done well, and would be certain to give himself championship chances at other Slams.

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