Doodle Almost Mainstream

Most grateful to a sales manager called Maria for sending me this pic.

It’s a while back, of a billboard at Chicago airport.

I’m always preaching that the best reps use doodles to get points across.

Grab a whiteboard pen. Take a piece of scrap paper. And scribble it out.

It sticks in the mind of the prospect and allows the conversation, and collaboration, to truly develop.

In this case, I’d have liked to see a touch more than mere cloud and block imagery, but it’s still way better than a photo.

A bit cheesy, simplistic even, but if you’re in this vendor’s sights, might the image stick?

The space in which they operate is awash with snazzy imagery.

This is in stark contrast I’m sure.

What’s good too, is that it apes not the tech of the provider, but the discussion of a prospect.

Basic jottings seeking an answer to a problem.

A reductionist depiction of the main problem they resolve.

Can you draw yours as – or even more – snappily?

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