Dress Rehearsals

I saw Aussie Bill Granger cooking for a small Summer evening private dinner party hosted by a couple of girls that design in Sydney’s high-fashion world. Scallops to start, chicken salad then meringue.

Having recently delivered a presentation as part of a team where I constantly reminded all participants of the need for a dress rehearsal, I was comforted by how for even someone as accomplished in his field as our Bill seems to be considered, he conducted a full run-through well in advance of his delivery.

Only cooking for himself rather than the eventual half-dozen diners, it was clear even given the ubiquitous fuzzy close-ups and shaky camera work so prevalent in such shows these days, that he was working through all the timings and presentation of his efforts in full effect. This was even confirmed when you saw that what he cooked was slightly different to how he’d done it at home.

Another winning piece of preparation was knowing the client’s kitchen beforehand. He made a point of how you really don’t want any nasty late surprises in form or function.

Dress rehearsals are essential yet so often overlooked. I get so frustrated when people think that they can simply ‘wing it’. It doesn’t matter how experienced or expert you think you are. You always need to rehearse your final key presentation.

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