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How about some tips from the twilight? Above is presenter James Max from the London Bridge studios of Talk TV-stroke-TalkRadio. Twenty-seven minutes past five in the very much A.M. of Wednesday 3rd May 2023.

He's doing a review of the day's newspapers. Having just snapped on a pair of rubber gloves (known locally as Marigolds). To handle the titles from the other side of the horseshoe to his own political persuasion.

During his pre-dawn show, labelled as Early Breakfast, you pity the souls zooming in from their homes.

On this day, the plucky contributor was public affairs Director of a pension adviser, Becky O'Connor. Here's the full screen of her zoomscape.

A neat and tidy home office set-up.

I did wonder whether the cap hanging on the door handle was a corporate handout, as it looks similar to the brand colour of her employer.

She maintains a teasing piece of plant game.

The bookcasing right as we view is perhaps a tad haphazard though. Plenty of scope for deeper messaging from that.

And then there's the glare off the artwork glazing. The ring lighting is raised directly behind her webcam. I couldn't help but think with a slight shift sidewards its reflection would disappear. Likewise with what may well be that adjacent decent piece of 45° spotlighting.

Still, a nicely curated effort nonetheless.

Here's the look as shortened from landscape.


During this exchange, for the second time in his slot, the presenter brandished his iphone. After various moments happily letting his notes (/running order) be partly visible.

Then we stepped back into the papers review with an in-studio guest.

Their format of choice is a reminder that it's usually best to appear on-screen alongside any doc or image you share.

Entertainingly, the splash on this day's FT was of what it suggests as the first industry to suffer at the hands of AI. The Education sector appearing to have much less reason to exist in its present guise.

Before this, we were treated to front pages of London's Telegraph and The Times.

They were in the same template. So here I refashion in the mould of many a call-view you have likely been in on yourself. A prominent shared doc with participants alongside in a 1x2 sidebar panel.

The cutting aside from this, is also that mainstream media covers selling.

Albeit sadly the utterly disreputable underbelly of our trade.

Those that prey on vulnerable consumers and pepper them with calls for product they don't need or with the outright criminality of scamming.

We are not them.

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