Einstein at the Pearly Gates

I’ve mentioned before that being in faraway timezones provides unexpected radio listening opportunities, such as listening to Dr Karl.

On this occasion, when trying to fathom how salmon swam up the over-polluted and brine-heavy River Tyne, he told one of his favourite jokes.

When Einstein got to Heaven, he found God stroking his beard and decided to set him a challenge.

“I’ve got two questions for you”

“One, can you explain to me Quantum Mechanics, because it just doesn’t make sense”

“And two, also explain turbulence, actually, no, don’t bother as even you won’t be able to explain that”

He He He.


I guess you have to be a scientist.

Anyway. It did get me thinking, in a similar fashion, what are the two sales imponderables that no-one can explain?

I first thought in terms of process, naturally. What about at the start, at the cold-calling getting-appointments end? But then, even by the simplest of numbers, one-in-so-many people will always see anybody. You just got to reach them and ask for a meet. So no knotty quandary there.

Next, I thought of the other end. Closing. How can you guarantee someone will sign up with you? But again, if you follow your tested process, you’ll get to that point on your own.

So next I went with the emotions.

How can you avoid feeling forced to utter the phrase  “buyers are liars”?

Why do so many buyers seem to know the cost of everything, yet the value of nothing?

But even these can be tackled by the savvy seller.

So, finally, I got a bit selfish.

Tell me how to know who the buyers are on my patch before I call any of them

How can I spend time with only the “customers for life”

Here’s hoping.

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