Einstein on selling?

I got an email today from some occupational psychologists I’m thinking of using for team building in Cape Town.  Their Chrizelda has me on the monthly mail which each time sends another snippet of pyscho-chat. 

Not a bad idea I thought.  Why don’t we send all our prospects some latest news in an unobtrusive, informative way….?  Which got me remembering that an old mentor of mine, Kevin McGirl told me how every two weeks, when he was selling computers in the early 80s in Loughborough, the boss used to make sure all the reps were in the office and faxed off a sheet of company good news to all their prospects.  He used to reckon it helped.  But then, he said the same thing about the Friday afternoon pub-culture prevalent back in those dark days 🙂  Anyhow, I must resolve to send out emails on tidbits to all our prospects…and not the usual marketing miss-the-point-sterile-can’t-upset-anyone-stuff…  all I need now is resource to do it!

For the record, the purpose of Chrizelda’s monthly mail was Einstein apparently said “the thinking that got you into a situation, cannot get you out of it“.  Which in itself is always worth remembering.

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