Email Intro

So I received some pitching spam on email the other day. Whilst muttering shame on my anti-spam filter, I pondered whether there was anything to learn from my cyber assailant. Here’s what I received:

[my first name],

I would like to schedule a brief call next week to discuss your organization’s interest in [5-word description of field that is frankly tricky to understand].

[my company] works with [similar] organizations to accelerate [some techie description].

If you have reviewed the benefits of transitioning to [my product] or have interest in a discussion with my team, please reply if we can schedule a 15-minute phone call next week.


[salesrep details]


To opt-out of emails, please click here and send a blank message:

What do you think?

If this is representative of the typical calibre of rep activity over email then it is damning. Yet also an opportunity for those of us that pursue genuine, partnership solution selling. To put it mildly, if you’re writing and sending similar mails, end the misery. Stop now.

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