End Of Year Charts

David Bowie – Blackstar
Steven Wilson – 4 ½
My Robot Friend – Open The Book
The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep…
Katy B – Honey
ABC – The Lexicon Of Love II
Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
Frost – Falling Satellites
Pearl Handled Revolver – If the Devil Cast His Net
Tegan & Sara – Love You To Death
I See Stars – Treehouse
Nao – For All We Know
Poliça – United Crushers
Róisín Murphy – Take Her Up To Monto
The Ready Set – I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love
Blossoms – Blossoms
Blues Pills – Lady in Gold
Jamie T – Trick
Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
Busted – Night Driver
STRFKR – Being No One, Going Nowhere
Charles Bradley – Changes
John Legend – Darkness And Light
Vow – Kind Eyes

Well. Let’s face it. 2016 was not a vintage year for music.

I realised this for myself when I tried to construct my “top ten” albums from the past twelve months. Something I’d not consciously done since those long gone teen days.

I couldn’t do it.

It was a real struggle to find ten that I really liked. Modern-day classics thin on the ground.

So in the end, in enforced compromise, I opted to list the two-dozen that I’d streamed more than once. In the order that I’d discovered them, from January at the top.

In a mangle of the famous remark, you could say ‘I didn’t have time to make a sharp, concise list, so I stopped at the easy long one’.

And therein lies one issue with such rankings. They’re not as straightforward as you’d like to think to make.

Yet perseverance holds reward. Around now and through to those trumpet-laden new year kickoff galas there’s plenty of scope for a cheeky listing.

When they go beyond merely logging the sales team by performance, there’s impact to be made aligning your process and direction with occurrences from the year past.

What lies behind the obvious?

Top cross-sells? Best competitor displacements? Favourite firefights?

Nail these and you too could hear your own shining Blackstar.

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