Escape Powerpoint Prison

“The computer slideshow, the powerpoint presentation, has been with us for 25 years”

So says this BBC News Magazine piece, Alternative ways of getting your message across. Both capabilities and logos have changed a fair bit over this quarter-century.

powerpointlogo-1987 powerpointlogo-2010

But most people still moan about it.

Which is why the aforementioned article features a conference where people are discouraged to produce a “lecture with a projector”.  Instead, you see ditties, verse and even theatre, as well as an outbreak of audience participation by medium of touch as encouraged by a lady in her black two-piece underwear, prompt cards sticking out of her knickers.

Whilst I find it virtually impossible to recommend replicating these precise approaches for your next prospect pitch, the underlying theme is a fundamental winner.

What can you do that neither involves slides nor the buyers feeling each other up?

Here’s a starter. You don’t have to be a romantic poet to dream up a rhyming slogan, and it doesn’t take a Hollywood director to fashion a high-impact visual demo.

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