Especially For You

"Remember me? No? Might as well press skip then."

These were the first pre 'Skip Ads' five seconds of an ad served my way by Youtube the other day.

It appears a campaign aired from 2019, altered specifically to fit the 'pre-roll' format.

Jason Donovan's original telly appearance thirty-seconder has this alternate intro;

"Remember me? The mullet. The big wedding. No? That's okay. 'Cos I'm talking to those that do."

This celeb was selling a chocolate bar for Big Food.

Yet the precision in whittling down its target market is something we can take into solution selling too.

They have a demographic.

They must feel fans of said former Aussie soap star turned late 80s' Pop Factory sausage machine front rich with untapped potential for chomping their sugar chunks.

So target them they do.

I warmly recommend we do the same.

Whatever you sell. Whichever sector buys. Wherever you stand on the product life cycle. Whenever it may be best to pitch. How so many ever bells and whistles at your command.

This approach is readily adaptable.

And I guarantee will make your selling way more productive.

And the crazy thing is, that you too can achieve all this in the same non-skippable five second window.

Provided you see the light of lasering in on those whom shall prove most likely to buy.

What's your version of 'remember me?' What is it that any prospective client must be aware of, have been thinking on, or trying to deal with that provides a door ajar?

What's their equivalent of the dated hairdo or iconic daytime tv set-piece? What is it that gains recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance that they've an issue with which you may well help?

Otherwise, press skip for them and only talk to those who do.

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