Esquire Editor Advice On Hearing Lifetime Of Pitches

Here’s the odd coffee break biscotti courtesy of the Entrepreneur mag. A columnist at Esquire shares little chunks of his selling wisdom.

Here’s a snippet, when extolling the virtues of a 15 second pitch guide;

Here’s the problem, here’s the solution, here’s why mine is better and here’s why I have been working my whole life to do this


The pitch should be thought of as the first of many conversations with a partner, not a battle to be won

There’s a slew of terrific tips in the Esquire Guy’s observations on this specific point.

And I do like his thoughts on ‘Momentum‘, as helped crystalised by an LA employee perks outfit;

It really is all about momentum. The pitch itself is defined by momentum. Because the pitch is just a bridge. You’re already in good shape–after all, you got the meeting. The pitch is simply the first checkpoint. Momentum.

After over two decades in the field, the number of salespeople you meet with nothing more than a one-hit ‘strategy’ is frightening.

It’s too much of a cliché to suggest that a solution sale cannot be won on the first meeting, only lost.

Yet you must find ways of making that post-meet buzz part of an ongoing goodness. Not a once-off hit that fades too fast.

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