Expansion Territory time?

Met a chap that’d been at their firm for twenty years, joining just three-months after establishment.  In that time they’d experienced solid, steady performance, with the last three years seeing a new level of growth.

Recent expansion was enjoyed in part due to two new reps ripping up tree-trunks in The City.  They seem to walk down either side of a road each day and see how many customers they can pick up.  The results are that they secure new clients at present at a rate of four times greater than before.

Yet they could be doing even more…. There’s one particular salesrep in place that’s previously been Head of Sales for a couple of decent sized firms during his career.  He does alright, yet it’s thought there’s so much more opportunity on his patch.  He feels that he’s maxed out there.  Yet his call-stats show his activity is a fraction of the rest of the team.  What can Management do to encourage higher performance?

Well, one idea is what the Americans like to call an “Expansion Territory”.  Take a patch on which someone is under-performing.  Cut it in half.  Give one half to someone else.  If the rep pulls their socks up, then they’ll get their quota from the new patch, and you’ll double the total sales number.

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