Face A Big Loss Like Federer To Be Grand Slam Champion

Bloody Wednesday the media are calling it. Record numbers of injury withdrawals and super-crazy upsets are hacking away at Wimbledon contenders this year.

After Nadal’s shock defeat came perhaps an even bigger one so early doors.

Federer’s incredible run of 36 grand slam Quarters-or-better ended to an apparent journeyman Ukrainian.

As ever he handled his press conference after with dignity and aplomb. A true champion. After being asked what you do following such a defeat (from a baying press corps that seemed to be wishing the end upon his aging frame) his widely reported comments that especially caught my ear were;

“What do you do? You do the 24-hour rule. You don’t panic at this point, that’s clear. Just go back to work and come back stronger really. Somewhat simple. Hard to do sometimes. But usually I do turnarounds pretty good.”

The 24-hour rule.

I can’t tell you the number of senior people that have spoken to me after some sort of disaster or another and made instant, snap judgements in the burning aftermath. They are always negative, destructive and pretty much mistaken.

You lose a big deal. It is traumatic. I know myself. In the wreckage of the bid all kinds of violent words are often screamed.

If only those managers from my experience – including seasoned chief execs – invoked this 24hr rule. Reflection can be so critical.

In many cases, I think of the classic purpose over results mentality. Yes we all want the Trophy, but to focus on that alone is misplaced. Is the process the right one? Are we doing the right things? Is the underlying trend right for output to be continued success?

I’ve urged people towards the classic “sleep on it” when I feel emotions are running high and wild. When the wounds are raw, judgements are unlikely to be as sharp as you may be renowned for.

If Federer can come back the metaphorical day-and-night later “stronger”, and a record seventeen slams suggests does has done so, then so can we.

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