Fact Division

Because fact into doubt won’t go. Whatever that means.

The punchline I noted recently of a broadsheet journalist set-up.

You can switch 'doubt' to several other words and sum up the solution sale.

Particularly where we're up against a (naturally less suitable) alternative which seems to garner significant support from beyond those sold on our approach.

I don't mean a straight synonym either. Such as like, scepticism.

But the classic chestnut of emotion trumping reality.

Fact into feeling, for instance, doesn't usually go either.

As in, it's probably not enough to be happy you've nailed the business case above all else.

The numbers, the hard cash, the trumpeted RoI.

Alone, these aren't likely to be enough.

There's typically someone with that 'doubt'. And no amount of factored in 'fact' will give the answer you seek. Even worse should they hold deal-killing clout.

Those backing you ought help uncover what will successfully go into 'doubt' for them.

It could be one of many possibles; relief, fixing, future.

Think on your own for each case.

I can even envisage those bringing more variables to the equation.

Can you divide by say, personal ambition?

Although, the initial simplicity still seems striking.

To pursue what 'will go' is to cover all your angles. It means gaining the customer.

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