Fast Fashion Clean Up

Circularity is a buzzword for retail clothing behemoths.

Online ordering has led to an explosion in purchase returns.

As one report put it; 'one in three fashion purchases is now sent back - costing [UK] firms £7bn a year'. With an insider labelling the increase in volumes 'absolutely nuts'.

One angle of 'scandal', being that half of these garments cannot be resold.

Many of those that can, must be treated in some way before being able to reappear as 'new'.

For a fig leaf of sustainability, the fashion chain giants outsource to a burgeoning industry that has quickly grown to help turn the often worn, back to pristine.

It transpires, the trade is 'coy' about details of such 'rehabilitation'.

What strikes me about this particular Glaswegian referenced example above, is how the factory spoken with clearly operate with cheaper competitors nipping away at their heels.

As they have gone for the high ground. One I trust they can charge proper price for.

Take their stance on the most common and worse offender; fake tan marks.

It seems their competition often rely solely on a simple wash. Yet the stubborn stain cannot be removed this way.

They, on the other hand, engage in a whole process to ensure top results.

Here's the key paragraph;

In terms of damage, fake tan is the offender staff see the most. 'It's really stubborn and hard to remove. I know some factories try to get it off using just a wipe, but here we do things properly,' says Danielle [Moran, Marketing Manager]. Fake tan would be tackled with a powerful cleaning agent, a steam gun and a dry or wet wash, depending on the fabric.

Pretty much all the salespeople I have ever dealt with will recognise this sentiment.

There's a reason why our price is what it is. Let me explain.

You still really want to take the risk elsewhere...?

Later, there's even description of the same kind of 'sanitisation station' hospitals use to ensure clothes are supremely sterilised.

Your prospect will have their equivalent of a fake tan stain. You will have your version of a unique way in which you sort it out. Explain it like these clothing super-scrubbers and you'll be well on your way to cleaning up yourself.

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