Fearlessness and Lack of Vanity

Here’s a quote I read whilst surfing in front of the telly waiting for the Champions League game to start.  It’s from a woman that married a man 11-years her senior with an insufferable reputation for social ineptitude.  And then had four children with him over the next six years.

“He is blissfully unaware of the effect his words and actions have on other people. This means that he is unembarrassable. He is able to do many of the things he does … because he can accept being shot down or ridiculed in a way that most of us are too proud to cope with. It is also to do with a lack of fear. He doesn’t care as much as the rest of us about what people think. I like that fearlessness and lack of vanity … “

Yet it could so easily be used to describe a couple of demon cold-callers I’ve met in my time.  And how impressive indeed such traits are in their hands…

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