You may well be familiar with what the world of wiki labels as the 'internet neologism', vidlet.

Namely, a short video.

I trust we can spot its derivation.

Very early on in the mass-enforced move to video calls, those already familiar with the method were known to suggest that its newly impelled usage was missing a trick.

Instead of the wholesale adoption of pre-scheduled video meetings so that they occupy us from dawn to dusk and beyond, one prime such 'proper', more effective deployment set forth was to avoid the delays, frustrations and miscommunications often inherent in long email exchanges.

Compared to those interminable threads, encouragement mentioned that a brief video call in its place could save literally weeks of dilly-dallying, hasten the tackling of issues and improve the calibre of subsequent action many times over.

I've touched on this before. Including a couple o' years ago building on Education sector discovery of power of the '8-minute video call'.

Starting these is now pretty much seamless today. Especially when availing yourself and your prospect of one of the free, secure, browser based tools engineered specifically for the purpose.

You can call such shortform video calls vidlets.

In one recent case, I aimed to switch in an alternative.

What could you also say for its term to be a tad more meaningful?

Synonyms abound among portmanteau opportunities;

Quickvid, Popup Vid, Candid vidlets. Impromptuvid, Vidnow ...?

When you give a project a relevant name, it tends to have better chance of success.

In this case, I went for building on the word fervid.

It often crops up in the realms of declarations of love.

Yet can also cover the passionate intensity of a spontaneous expression.

The similar 'fervent' also used to mean hot and glowing.

And away from its more exaggerated connotations, the root 'fer' comes from the Latin 'carry'. Which links with where we can transfer (see?) momentum-giving knowledge.

Whilst not perhaps the perfect fit, people did recall and reuse the made-up description fervidlet. Knowing what it was all about and keen to further their impact.

Whatever you may lean towards calling them, when you know what pitching, questioning or positioning is best served by such a mini-vid, and then you work out how they are best accepted and then appreciated by your prospect, you are a huge step closer to crafting a winning sales process and excluding competing options from the deal.

'hop on to vid for a couple of minutes and I can show and talk you through this so we get it right from the start if you like...'

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