Finding People That Will Buy 'New'

Came across the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor through Newsnight, with a researcher pointing out why UK had some way to go in fostering dynamism in this sector.  A couple of the stats made me think about all those meetings you have when you’re pitching something ‘new’, where people seem interested, yet nothing ever gets bought.

I wondered if there isn’t actually a way to determine someone’s propensity to give something new a try (other than the classic Moore 1990, Rogers 1962 framework).

Fear Of Failure

It appears that Brits are twice as likely to be put off starting a new business because of their ‘fear of failure’.  So maybe finding how people match this is a way forward.

Type Of Work

In addition, if the job they do is closer connected to your ambitions, you could get a result.  Apparently the numbers involved in ‘start-up activity’ are 1 in 25 throughout both France & Germany.  In the UK it’s 1 in 16.  The oft-quoted crucible for this, America, enjoys 1 in 10.  Yet amazingly, China tops the charts with a dazzling 1 in 6 workers apparently working within start-ups.

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