Focus On Impact Of Change

Disciples of Solution Selling embrace the recognition of ‘change’ and the importance attached to determining how such changes can affect their sales campaign.

After the latest in a long and unfortunately never-ending stream of stolen elections in territories with a false veneer of true democracy, this time in Iran, I saw the wardog that is John Bolton, the bellicose former US Ambassador to the UN, deliver a typically robust performance on its wake.

The analysis of his angle was that the rolling news disease from which we suffer is wrong to focus on the here-and-now.  Consider instead what will change.  He suggested that as nothing would change it was not quite the momentous event that 24/7 news screamed out.

He said over again, think about what will change, and the answer is nothing.  The same policies would continue to be pursued with pretty much at least the same rigour.

UK Foreign Sec Miliband echoed this view interviewed in Luxembourg for an EU summit including the issue.  Paraphrasing, he said it was ‘the impact of the electoral decisions made by the rulers’ that was of interest to him.

The message is pertinent to solution sellers.  We often get caught up in the actual happening of an event.  But what we really should do, is step back, and consider how that occurrence may cause change.  And carefully assess what reactions to that change may emerge and so shape events.

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