Focus On Roxy RoI To Frame Deal Your Way

I’m indebted to an article I read in The Times written by a chap called Rhymer Rigby for this Sales idea.

He was having a jovial dig at Starbucks and their ilk for an endless, desperate pursuit of “friends”.

One offshoot highlights the difference between transactional vs enriched customer relationships.

Any solution salesperson should know when to transact, and when to enrich. Yet do we so properly? And if we do, then are we providing a winning experience each time, in either case?

Anyway. Let’s come to our main platform for improvement.


Return on Emotional Investment.

I loved this the moment I laid eyes on it.

Winning applications and evolutions flooded my brain.

Take this stem;

R o [insert letter(s) of your choice] I

After the beast in this particular jungle, ROI (return on investment), I’m familiar with two other types of ‘return’; ROCE (‘captial employed’, with bean counting siblings like A for ‘assets’) & another ROEI (this ‘e’ being for ’employee’). So I instantly thought there should be more.

Even better, we should craft one specifically for a bid we’re on.

Pretty much every single solution sale needs to show a wonderful RoI.

When calculating one, we can suffer from many issues wth it. Here’s just three.

1. So many buyers have scars. They’ve been burned by believing figures of promise before. Only to face career-threatening disappointment when each guaranteed business case fails to materialise. No wonder our claims often seem ignored.

2. So deliberately broad can our figures be – due to entirely acceptable motives like built-in sensitivity and conservatism – that our assumptions can get questioned to the verge of outright dismissal by someone always claiming closer intimacy with the true values than anyone else.

3. So unreliable or outlandish can an RoI look, that so long as it is in positive territory, such statement is considered merely permission to play, rather than make any deal-clinching difference.

So why not add another angle?

Yes, you proudly present your glowing Return on Investment.

But then you move swiftly on to another.

What exists on your bid that both sets you apart from all other options and sits squarely in the sweetest spot of buyer importance?

Imagine further, if a word for this began with a letter of cunning psychology to those buying.

Generic examples emerge.

E for effort.

D for disruption.

I for innovation.

C for collaboration.

T for time.

In fact, the list is as long as your capacity to recite buzzword bingo from your prospect’s strategy and executive airtime. Choose your letter, your “x”, and gain vital bid personality.

With your carefully selected RoXI, you should be able to construct a tangible, memorable, desired result. Roxy.

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