Football World Cup Sweepstake

In offices, pubs, living rooms and all manner of places two people can talk football across the globe, football lovers are pondering what the next month may bring.

Among my compatriots, these are the common predictions we test our psychic powers on;


Golden Boot

Dark Horse – Surprise Package

Boo Boys

Where Will England Reach

As a perhaps completely unrelated tangent, I couldn’t help think about how such crystal balling could add a touch of the beautiful game’s festivities to forecast reviews. Consider these world cup questions about your prospect’s team personnel during this month’s session;

Most to gain

Put in most assists

Surprise package

Chief antagonist

Where will the ceo shoot

Even label them with their footie equivalents. Keep things fresh. Change it up a little. Add a playful edge to forecasting. Wonder when The Three Lions might ever win another tournament knockout match…

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