Gartner conference themes

7-8 March saw the 2-grand a ticket Gartner crm conference in London.  I spoke to a highly experienced fella the day after that’d been one of the speakers.  His slot examined current implementation issues with a case study from his own purchase of SAS kit.

What was interesting, given his 18-year accumulation of wisdom in this field, was his insight that two areas are getting all the airtime at the moment.

The first relates to data integration, the other to how you get your salesguys interfacing with the software.  It’s all very well having a customer relations tracking system, but how do you make sure you give your sellers the right support to utilise it effectively?  What are you going to do to make it as easy as possible to get your charges using it as you see fit?

Two things for you to consider if you’re about to push the button on a new piece of kit….

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