Get Blood Flowing

Here’s something quirky that happened at a sales kick-off event I was recently at.

I’d witnessed this kind of thing before a couple of times, but had completely forgotten about it. And how good it is.

You can imagine the stage. The first post-lunch (and by the way, what an amazing spread, baby lobster, oysters and sushi to die for, not to mention the french fancies and bread ‘n butter pud!) session had ended. The MC noted the jaded audience.

Everyone stand up. Stretch out the arms. Let’s get the blood flowing again.

We had to hold our arms out in front. With clenched fists, waggle our thumbs.

That was easy. But then, point your index figure of one hand and waggle the thumb of the other. Then swap.


It’s all along the lines of the kinds of difficult physical tasks toddlers come back from school trying. Like pat your head and rub your tummy.

One I remember doing was try and roll your wrists in opposite directions. Start with arms in front, but then move them out to your sides. Tricky!

It all went down very well. And the throng were suitably re-energised.

Not quite on the scale of the great Ken Welsh’s wolf-pack impersonations, but all good just the same.

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