Get Considered The Way Kate Winslet Landed Oscar Role

Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs. Not a great flick, but does look slick.

Kate Winslet enjoyed award season. Her turn as Apple’s Marketing chief was both Golden Globe and BAFTA winner. Oscar-nominated too.

If you’re feeling ballsy, or simply like trying something new a few times, then how she landed the part could well be up your selling street.

An interview with Vulture reveals her door-opener.

Hearing of the part from her make-up artist whilst shooting another film, she fancied it straight away.

Yet feared her blondness and renown would scupper her even being considered.

So. Researching the real-life lady who she’d play, she got made up to look like her. Dark wig and all.

By luck having the email of the producer, she then played a blinder.

She took her new look instagram-style selfie, “and I just sent him the photo with no subject”.

And the part was hers.


Swap selfie for clientie, and you too could win a vital audition.

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