Good Things Are Coming

Shopfitters have become fairly creative in recent years. Long gone are the days of slathering whitewash inside storefront windows where renovation is underway to block out the view within.

Exciting New Shop Experience Coming Soon and its derivatives now a mainstay of printed message stuck to pane instead.

Above is another riff on this theme.

Yet one with an eerily prescient vibe for our hopefully post-vax coronavirus herd immunity imminency.

The ‘all things shall pass’ positive slant deepism is one thing. Yet here there is actually real work going on behind the scenes. They truly are getting ready for a new launch day.

Where they replaster walls, re-lay floors, refashion layouts, we ought also be doing similar with our Sales spot.

Hibernation is ending. Our air redolent of a Corona Spring.

As I blog this, around 36 US States are Free. Even California is mask-free this weekend past. And if the French can ban masks indoors, almost anything can happen. Apart from in England though, where crazed scientists and MSM continue running amok.

Still, widespread Commercial markets are set to be unfrozen from their suspended animation.

Many a solution seller about to be unleashed afresh.

Are we ready?

What have we been doing behind our Good Times Are Coming facade?

There’s plenty of preparatory avenues.

Have you a Freedom Day special?

Packaged up a New Normal offer?

Put finance options in place to allow delayed or subscription style payments?

Linked in with digital transformation initiatives suddenly everywhere?

And perhaps most simply, have you properly got yourself into the top percentile for successful performance in hybrid meetings, both internal and when selling? [Hint 😉]

It is not too late. These northern hemisphere Summer months must prepare the groundwork for late ’21 pipeline filling. And ’22 selling explosion. Her cracking and make those good times come to you.

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