Google Engineer Description

Don’t worry if you’re not that tekkie and have never heard of, let alone used an RSS feeder.  I’ve used all sorts of ways to keep up-to-date on sites I really like and was hoping not to use ‘don’t do evil’ (‘oh yes you do’) google options.  Someone implored me to try their reader platform, so with reluctance, I logged on and watched the 49sec video by one of their engineers, ‘Chris Wetherell’.

To my surprise (and delight) wrapped up in this product explanation was a cool sales lesson.  It was the way in which he explained what his service did:

‘…it’s kind of like an inbox for the web, that might not mean a lot to you, so let me explain a little…’

I was immediately taken with his approach.  Three things grabbed me:

  1. People always prefer listening to (and trust) non-sales people.  Here was an example of someone involved in making something doing the description, but you could just as easy talk about your experiences using the product yourself.
  2. What a terrifically simple way of explaining the service (‘inbox for the web’).  Even if it doesn’t first come home, at least you’d know what ‘inbox’ & ‘web’ are.  How many times do I hear reps struggle to get across succinctly and with power what they offer, too hell bent on a benefit driven whammy…..
  3. And then the ‘relax, not everyone gets it first time’ kind of tee-up for more description.

Neat.  Nice one Chris.

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