Google Simplicity Sprint Staff Survey Tip

What would help you work with greater clarity and efficiency to serve our users and customers?
Where should we remove speed bumps to get to better results faster?
How do we eliminate waste and stay entrepreneurial and focused as we grow?

A sample of three questions to elicit employee feedback making waves this month.

Following an All-Hands on/around 27 July, it seems CNBC had the scoop on what the 170,000 googlers were told. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, top priority is improving productivity.

Under the project name, Simplicity Sprint.

The above triplet were the examples given to illuminate the path to more outputs per units of input.

If the dark side of human nature internet culture fascinates you, then diving deep into comments sections is likely your thing. In which case, try these from Ars Technica readers. Random excerpt:

...doubling productivity so they can cancel twice as many products...

But wait. Beyond the obligatory Google bashing (would this label you a Poogler, or is that already for a googler doing useless work?) there is a highly useful selling tactic from this. Especially used over the next fortnight; before response deadline 15 August. And even beyond, to when the results get collated, spun and inevitably leaked.

A simple slide with just Qu.2 from above.

I've blogged before on Google presentation styles.

All you need is a blank (or single-coloured) screen, with the text in the middle.

You could maybe place a Google logo on it, discreetly, for citation proof.

Where should we remove speed bumps to get to better results faster?

You don't even need a slide. Just bring it up in conversation; 'heard about Google's current Simplicity Sprint?'

The point is less about seeking where your prospect may want to improve productivity. After all, they may well be in denial about any issues there, feel renowned in such area, or simply have other more pressing priorities.

It is that you can use it to gently open up discussion about what it is they do want to focus on.

Borrow Pichai's prompt. And let the answers sprint your way.

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