Grand Slam Champ Stan Graphics

stanthemanshorts2015 4-3

A quick presentation slide highlight.

We will be sadly robbed of French Open tennis champion Stan Wawrinka’s colourful kit for a while. The Wimbledon dress code is as much a disgraceful blight on global sport in its own archaic misguided way as FIFA. Yet they changed it up for the Olympics, hey. So hypocrisy too. Boo.

Any sporting crowd will remember you for your custom graphics should you evoke the quirky yet deserving spirit of victor Stan-The-Man.

The above pic is of his actual shorts pattern. Which in itself makes for a good slide backdrop or border. Although takes a fair time to reproduce in your slide app of choice (taking me 45mins in Powerpoint).

His clothing palette lends itself neatly to the singled-out barchart treatment:

stanthemanshorts2015bars 4-3

You can also incorporate an extra colour from his top, named by its makers, Yonex, as ice-grey. Here shown in the classic 80/15/5 (the original 80/20 of Pareto’s Italian property ownership principle found a century ago) pie. Which I also like a lot in this pyramid form:

stanthemanshorts2015pyramid80-15-5pie 3-3pink

Then you can use all four. As here in a typical quarterly stacked bar with three component values:

stanthemanshorts2015qtrlystackedbars 4-3

All said and done, a winning palette. One that will gain crucial recall. And if you have a colour quartet of your own from which to draw, these ideas will readily transfer.

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