Hand Your Popstar Prospect The Pen & Let Them Draw

This is part of a pr piece of fluff to coincide with a popstar comeback. In my youth I knew these latest album/tour/single launches as ‘campaigns’. Now they appear to be termed “eras“.

The context of this above excerpt is the interviewer asking the young poplet Rita Ora – who’s last major album was five years prior and has since been acting and global brand ambassadoring – to describe such a hectic history. (EMAs = a big awards night she was presenting)

Moving swiftly on from entertainment media, the tactic employed is a remarkably Sales one.

You want someone to open up. Reveal key (secret) insight. Engage in a genuine manner.

Offering them a pen and paper to sketch something out is usually a total winner.

Whether it be in a clean page in your notebook or getting up to the flipchart or whiteboard, asking your prospect to draw improves any meeting no end.

Go-to explainers can range through any type of chart; graph, process, roadmap, marketplace, strategy.

You admire the way the questioner drew the first part. Setting the frame. A simple circle. Now just quickly fill it in, please.

What I also appreciate, is how once in the domain of the other person, the task takes on a life of its own. Expect a pie, get a doughnut. Slices become concentric circles and your privileged insight uniquely grows.

I am a little surprised the journo didn’t take a quick snap of it then post over his social media. Which is a reminder that you must take a photo and keep for yourself to use for the better at a later stage.

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