Happiness Is ... Buying From Me

There are times when a man can wonder whether they catch too much rolling telly news. Before going out on Saturday, I witnessed the latest academic to propose a definitive ‘happiness formula’. Apparently;

Feeling Good = (Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)

Where the letters represent;

live in the Moment

be Curious

do something you Love

Think of others

Nurture your relationships

& take care of your Body

This comes from Todd Kashdan, who’s research appears funded by a British plastic surgery outfit. Living in the moment and your physical wellbeing are highlighted as having most weight.

I blogged about this kind of thing a couple of times last year. Including the UK government attempt to make us all happier, and specifically referencing new product success.

I chuckled as Mark Longhurst, the tv anchor pictured above, tried to wind up an advocate of this thinking by questioning the money as missing;

…as the rockstar once quipped, money might not bring you happiness, but it can at least get you a yacht to moor up fairly close to it…

Anyway, it did make me wonder that if I had a presentation coming up this next few days, I’d have found a cheeky hour to make two slides.

The first would basically be just my above snap of the tv screen.

And the second would frame the potential purchase in terms of each of those six elements.

Simply six blocks, in a 2×3 style, with a sentence or keyword that – from the buyer perspective alone – reminds all assembled why the decision your way is the winner.

It’s not a deal clincher, more a way of making them aware you are thinking about them deeper than any opposition. And it could also trigger a neat, differentiating, five minute chat around some of the elements too.

If you’re feeling either super-lazy, or super-confident (!) you could even spend just two minutes on the slide, and simply highlight each of the six words. Then suggest they have a ten minute round-the-table before lunch about how each applies to your project…

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