Have You A Dish Worth Instagramming On Your Menu


The first ever mealtime photo – The Set Table by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France 1827 – using an enhanced copy, colourised by Algorithmia online then brightened by Apple’s ios photo editor

It appears restaurateurs the world over are creating deliberately social media savvy meals. Every menu set to have one purposely super-photogenic serving.

This is because droves of diners are foodstragramming. Taking pics to share online.

Whether it be to show off (“humblebrag”) that they’re somewhere swanky, capture out-of-the-ordinary snacking or simply smiling they’re enjoying one of life’s daily little pleasures, food snaps dominate streams in a selfie styled takeover.

I was a touch horrified to realise I follow a couple of popular foodfeeds. Even though my favourite pics are usually parodies of them. The symmetrybreakfast lampoon with a fork in a baked beans tin reminds me there ought be onepoundmeals with just the meat part from an Aldi microwave curry on a white loaf slice.

From a sales perspective, you can take a tip here from your 2.0 eaterie. If they’re crafting specifically for the posting age, then can you too?

Many solution services are invisible. Seen maybe only through a computer screen. Others less so. Physical products working away, producing even.

Yet is there an element – if not obviously then at the edges – that gives a ‘wow’ moment? Shows you are different? Puts your paying punters in a shining light?

The creative packaging. The success screen. The helpful accessory.

It feels a tough b2b trick to pull off, but certainly food for thought.

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