Hero Burning Man Chart Tribute

Here's hoping Angel makes a full recovery.

As the Reuters text explains;

Angel Martin Arjona, a Spanish man who was trying to safeguard his town [Tabara near Zamora, 50 miles west of Valladolid, north west Spain] from a [locally named perhaps, Losacio] wildfire had a close brush with death when the blaze engulfed his excavator, forcing him to run for his life.

In tribute to his bravery, you could make a chart in his honour.

The colourscape in which he battled lends itself to striking treatments.

A nice and simple example. Four-column barchart. One, with slight highlight.

This type of newsjack can often make for a memorable moment in a presentation. One that sticks in the audience mind more than that which precedes or follows.

Recently, I remixed the incredible James Webb Telescope imagery. Especially of the Carina Nebula 'cosmic cliffs' and 'star factory'. Whilst taking a bit of time and effort - about forty minutes all told with various options and iterations - relatively simple in Powerpoint. And making the stellar impression earned truly worthwhile.

Although I changed the palette here for my own Video Calls That Sell colours - the stark two-colour treatment I originally used of my client worked terrifically - you still get the idea.

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