Hotel Pet Hates

More from reality telly. This time, England’s Hotel Inspector. In the promotional run up to her latest series, she teases us with her ten biggest bugbears.

  • Tatty frontages
  • Light distraction
  • Tip expectations
  • Mealtime interruptions
  • Coffee problems
  • Towel art
  • Cleanliness
  • Bath butlers
  • Pillow/Linen menus
  • Children’s Menus

This is a lady that stays in hotels for a living. If she can generate this type of list for things she hates, and all-too-often encounters, then imagine what someone that uses your product or service – day by day – could write out regarding their pet hates about the supplier of such.

How about asking a prospect about their pet hates in your arena. Then show how you can either avoid them, or rectify them if they accidentally reared their unpleasant head?

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