How Mercedes F1 Happy Switch Can Improve Your Sales

There are times when Formula One feels like wrestling. The result determined before a single wheel is spun. Then there are times when it’s like watching paint dry. Tax-haven millionaires drive in formation for 90 minutes, overtaking as likely as on a single tramline.

Then we finally get gripping theatre with a pair of wheel-to-wheel racers. But something still doesn’t sit right…

As Hamilton and Rosberg hunt and shunt each other down this season, it seems they have a “happy switch”.

Former driver turned commentator David Coulthard described it as a button on the steering wheel. It lets the driver inform their pit crew whether something is good or bad with the car. Especially in a way that means the other garages don’t hear about it via any of the usual open-to-all radio chatter.

It may be derived from the initials HPP; high performance powertrain. Or it may not. Anyway…

A Happy Switch.

This got my grey matter whirring.

Imagine a prospect happy switch.

Are they happy with how your deal management is going?

One obvious drawback is that if you believe the old adage “buyers are liars” then you’d expect them to say they’re delirious with you, even if you’ve no chance of making the grade. Whether they want to use you as a price-blunter for their preferred bid, or are going through the motions because budget sign-off requires two bidders – and you’re always going to be the distant second. Nasty.

Yet such a happy switch can manifest itself in other, less overt ways.

Get them to do something for you (for a change). How quickly is it done? How enthusiastic are they doing it? How much deeper discussion does it engender?

Away from your precious prospects, what about an internal happy switch?

I can see forecasting sessions brightened. Why not talk of your happy switch in them? How genuinely happy are you that you’re on top of each bid? That all’s going well? That you’d truly be happy buying the solution from yourself in their shoes?

Happy Switch on. Happy Switch off. The more you flick the switch, the better your sales output.

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