How Many Habits To Break This Year?

Still time to slate in that calendar year launch event. A meeting often referred to this century as the SKO; sales kick-off.

Following on from my trio of ideas for a slot as 2021 drew to a close, there’s a clever trick not to miss in the first couple of weeks of 2022. By adapting the gathering that used to go ahead in a swanky meeting room somewhere unusual to the new video world.

I’ve helped B2B commercial outfits with this very event. In a deliberately low scale mindset.

Simply using the chance to bring ‘all hands’ – or at least those across sales – together on a video meeting. Specifically to remind themselves what went well those past twelve months, the hope the dawning New Year brings, and how everyone can grasp it for themselves and the collective.

These types of events are typically not long. Two hours I’ve found to be enough. Nor do they need to ape a fully produced, swish webinar or trade show panel-type alternative. And crucially, there’s nothing anywhere near the dreaded and repeated hour-long keynote.

They work well.

You can glean inspiration for a mini-slot from much of the end-of-year or resolution-ready journalism which abounds as the annual clock turns.

Here’s another to add to the list. Read from a London tabloid travel section. Its clickbait title gives it away; the 10 travel habits you should resolve to break this year.

I’ve blogged on several more such options along this theme down the years.

This one allows you to be both serious and/or tongue-in-cheek too, if useful to you.

Even simply swapping out their word travel for selling can work as a starting point.

You don’t need to run to a full ‘10’ either.

There’s plenty of generic options to get you going.

Coming 2nd to Competitor X

Pipeline Deal Volume Ceilings

Cross-Selling Questions Unasked

A Certain Partner Goes Unengaged

Comfortable in a Particular Functional Space

Plenty more exist beyond this quintet.

When presenting, if you follow the template of the travel writer, then you can use their trio;

the habit :: the change :: examples of the change.

Happy 2022 Launch…!

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