How Message To Stop Breast Cancer Can Improve Your Sales


UK breast cancer charities are renowned for their sterling work.

I noticed with interest their latest awareness campaign.

Apparently, an incredible 94% of women do not know the 5 ways to spot breast cancer.

So, their latest poster had plastered in big bold pink capitals;

Do you know the 5 ways to spot breast cancer?

All links lead to their TLC initiative; Touch Look Check.

Your quota may not be as noble a campaign, yet there is a helpful selling pointer to be taken from this approach.

Do you know the 5 ways to spot a dead deal?

And in the week that Monty Python announced a reunion, I do not mean one that is merely “resting”.

What are the tell-tale signs that something’s not right?

No senior management involvement? Meetings keep getting re-arranged? No technical questions forthcoming?

Such qualification is critical. I wonder whether it’s also the case that only 6% of salespeople truly know the signals to avoid ‘coming second’? There can be quite a list. Are you aware of yours?

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